I’m happy to partner with fellow bloggers and/or retailers in a partnership to reach our shared demographic of consumers:

Sponsors & Ads
RichLittle-PoorGirl accepts sponsorships of companies or stores that fit the demographic of my readers.  For sponsorship, affiliate and advertising space please contact me!  

Product Reviews
RichLittle-PoorGirl will accept products for review that match the style & quality of this blog.  However, I reserve the right to share my honest opinion with readers.  If you are an interested retailer, designer or brand, please contact me for more information.

Outfit Post Sponsorship
RichLittle-PoorGirl will accept clothing/accessories to be included in an outfit post.  Your item will be highlighted in a styled look and noted as "gifted" or "c/o" your brand and will also include a link to your site and/or the item featured.

RichLittle-PoorGirl will host giveaways for products or services that are of interest to the readers of this blog.  Please contact me for requirements & specifics.